I first met artist Gaël Davrinche about ten years ago on the beach in Greece.

This chance meeting has become a sincere friendship over the days, made up of sharing and common tastes.

From the start of September that year, he invites me to discover his studio: the smells of oil painting immediately reminded me of my Decorative Arts classes, which I followed diligently from elementary school.

I quickly made the connection between our friendship and the way his work touched me.
Gaël works with bursts of color, which mix pastels, crayons and oil, with a loose line. This casualness contrasts with a great sensitivity, which reflects well his personality often tinged with self-derision.

He offers a composed work, a balance between technique and material thanks to a mixture of palettes and volumes.
Gaël has since enjoyed growing success… and so much deserved. I wanted to share his talent through a few selected works.